The main characteristic of Caritas’ work is the volunteer workforce and their active contribution, cooperation with local authorities, good coordination with other organizations and fast response to the people in need.

A volunteer of Caritas is a person who accepts the principles of Caritas and is ready, for humanitarian reasons and love for the fellow man, to regularly and methodically commit a part of his or her spare time to helping others and to work on the development of the community.

Because of the great resource that the volunteers are to Caritas, the future plan of our organization include the education of all those ready to help in realization of Caritas’ vision, spreading the culture of giving and solidarity, as well as strengthening the volunteer network in this region.

With the work of our volunteers, our professional staff, and the help of donors, we strive to contribute to the creation of a civilization that is based on justice, peace, truth and solidarity, with full respect of every person, regardless of his or her nationality, race or religion.