• Briga o starima
    Briga o starima
    U želji da poboljša kvalitet života starih i nemoćnih ljudi, bolesnih, fizički hendikepiranih, Caritas je započeo programe kućne nege i dnevnih centara.... Pročitaj više
  • Donacije
    Caritasova mreža u Srbiji je uključena u akciju prikupljanja i pružanja pomoći postradalima i ugroženima od katastrofalnih poplava na teritoriji Republike Srbije... Pročitaj više
  • Mentalno zdravlje
    Mentalno zdravlje
    Caritas Srbije je od 1. januara 2014. počeo rad na implementaciji projekta „PRO.ME.NE. – PROmocija MrežE za meNtalno zdravljE“. ... Pročitaj više
  • Mir i pomirenje
    Mir i pomirenje
  • Razvoj Župskih Caritasa
    Razvoj župskih Caritasa
    Caritas u srcu Crkve. Sastanci o razvoju župskih Caritasa... Pročitaj više
  • SiromaŠtvo
    Caritas Apostolskog Egzarhata u Kucuri je od septembra dva puta nedeljno prikupljao odeću i obuću kao i druge stvari npr.posteljina, dušeci, ćebad i delio onima kojima je najpotrebnije u tom trenutku.... Pročitaj više
  • Urgentni projekti
    Urgentni projekti
    Projekat urgentne pomoći poplavljenim područjima 16. maj – 31. jul 2014 ... Pročitaj više


Caritas organizes creative and educational activities for refugees in Vranje

After the Refugee center in Presevo was closed and part of the refugees were moved to the reception centers Vranje and Bujanovac, Caritas team of psycho-social support also moved its activities to these two centers. In Bujanovac the team already existed, but received additional reinforcement, while a new team started working in the Reception center Vranje.

Since the beginning of work in the Reception center Vranje, in mid-August, this team has launched a number of interesting and useful activities for refugees. For adults, English and Serbian language classes were organized, where Caritas operators work on improving refugees’ communication skills, practicing pronunciation and learning new words. During classes video material is used, which deals with various situations and dialogues from everyday life, such as going shopping, with the idea that the acquired knowledge is as concrete and useful as possible. The students themselves showed great satisfaction with this way of teaching. Considering that there was a great interest in learning Serbian and English, four groups were formed, in which are equally involved both men and women.



Caritas psycho-social support team organizes also group and individual workshops dealing with topics related to the early life of refugees in their home countries, the time that they spent before coming to Serbia, the current situation they are facing, as well as the cultural differences they could meet in European countries.

In addition to adults, the psycho-social support team also organizes classes of English and Serbian for children who are staying at the Reception Center Vranje. The classes for children are organized through play, drawing and singing, as part of creative workshops. In addition to these activities, the psycho-social support team also organizes sports activities for children.

In Vranje Reception Center Caritas also opened a workshop with sewing machines, visited by both men and women, who come repair their clothes or sew new ones, for themselves or other refugees, with the materials they receive from Caritas. The interest in the sewing workshops has been shown by a large number of women from all the countries present in the reception center.

The Caritas team of psycho-social support cooperates with other organizations that are active in the reception center, with the idea of ​​working jointly to ensure that refugees and migrants feel good in the camp. Special attention is paid to providing support to families and children, who are gradually getting involved in social life.

The work of Caritas psycho-social support teams is funded by Caritas Germany.

Creative activities for children in Bujanovac Reception Center

One of Caritas’ activities, visited by a large number of children accommodated in Bujanovac Reception Center for refugees and migrants is the “Artistic corner”. Within this workshop, children have the opportunity to develop their creativity and their creative spirit by making various figures and decorations out of plasticine, cardboard and color paper.

Artistic Corner is part of the activities of Caritas psycho-social support team.


Caritas of the Belgrade Archdiocese distributed school supplies to pupils from the Krnjaca Asylum Center

Thanks to the donor support from Italy on September 4th Caritas of the Belgrade Archdiocese distributed schoolbags and school supplies to refugee children, pupils of elementary school attending from the 1st to the 8th grade, who are accommodated in the Krnjaca Asylum Center in Belgrade.

During this school year Caritas continues with its support activities to pupils of elementary schools, who are accommodated in the Krnjaca Asylum Center, through assistance with learning Serbian language and doing homework. Educational activities of Caritas in this center are funded by Caritas Germany and the organization Ipsia from Italy.

Study visit to Serbia within the project Societies

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Within the project SOCIETIES a study visit was organized from 11 to 13 March, aiming to exchange experiences and examples of good practice in the field of social inclusion between civil society organizations (CSOs)participating in the project. Representatives of 15 CSOs from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo, together…

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Recognition of Caritas Serbia work on disaster risk reduction

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Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina and Caritas Serbia recently received recognition for their exceptional work in disaster risk reduction. On March 1stthey were awarded by the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina for supporting disaster risk reduction in their respective countries and co-operating across borders. Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina’s main contribution was…

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English language classes for refugees in Bujanovac

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Caritas psycho-social support team from Bujanovac Reception Center organises lessons of English language for refugees and migrants, every day, from Monday to Friday. The participants are divided into three groups, in relation to their previous knowledge. They attend classes regularly, with the goal to master the language better. The members…

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