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    Briga o starima
    U želji da poboljša kvalitet života starih i nemoćnih ljudi, bolesnih, fizički hendikepiranih, Caritas je započeo programe kućne nege i dnevnih centara.... Pročitaj više
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    Caritasova mreža u Srbiji je uključena u akciju prikupljanja i pružanja pomoći postradalima i ugroženima od katastrofalnih poplava na teritoriji Republike Srbije... Pročitaj više
  • Mentalno zdravlje
    Mentalno zdravlje
    Caritas Srbije je od 1. januara 2014. počeo rad na implementaciji projekta „PRO.ME.NE. – PROmocija MrežE za meNtalno zdravljE“. ... Pročitaj više
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    Mir i pomirenje
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    Razvoj župskih Caritasa
    Caritas u srcu Crkve. Sastanci o razvoju župskih Caritasa... Pročitaj više
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    Caritas Apostolskog Egzarhata u Kucuri je od septembra dva puta nedeljno prikupljao odeću i obuću kao i druge stvari npr.posteljina, dušeci, ćebad i delio onima kojima je najpotrebnije u tom trenutku.... Pročitaj više
  • Urgentni projekti
    Urgentni projekti
    Projekat urgentne pomoći poplavljenim područjima 16. maj – 31. jul 2014 ... Pročitaj više


“Emprovement of mental health and prevention of mental disorders through education of students and professors of secondary schools“

It’s a great number of factors which contribute to the creation of different psychical problems – stress, different traumas, inadequate living conditions, genetic influence… The statistics show that every fourth person suffers from some kind of mental health problems once in a lifetime and if we take into account also the “milder“ conditions, caused by stressful situations, we come to a great number of people who’s mental health is endangered.

In the society of today it’s very important to learn to face everyday stressful situations and balance between the demands and the limits which every man is facing. It’s necessary to develop social skills, use the relaxation techniques and other methods, which can improve the mental state of the person, as also to look for assistance in the right moment.

Through the experience of work in the field of mental health it was emphasized a need for a better education, especially students of secondary schools, with the goal of a better facing with mental health difficulties. Pointing out the importance of a greater care of mental health and the use all the resources which can help in that, would improve the quality of live of every individual and the family as a unity, in facing everyday stressful situations.

Related to this for three consecutive years Caritas of the Deanery of Novi Sad is organizing lectures about mental health for the students and the professors of elementary and secondary schools. Within this years project are foreseen 50 lectures for the students and 5 lectures for professors of secondary schools. These lectures are interactive and the students have shown a great interest for the topic, giving examples from their environment and asking about the possibilities of receiving the necessary assistance. 

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Project „Developing ecological and civil awareness of the youth in Serbia“

Caritas of Belgrade Archdiocese and Caritas Slovenia started the implementation of the project „Developing ecological and civil awareness of the youth in Serbia“, with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia.

The project has been planned in two parts. The first is directed to the problem of the pollution of surface waters, which is related to the low level of the ecological conscious of the citizens. The slogan of this part of the project is: Drop by drop – let’s preserve the waters of Serbia.

20150208_100945 (1024x576)

Although a land rich with waters, Serbia is facing the problem of water supply and in drastic examples the whole cities must the switched of the water system because of the pollution of the sources. The examples of the bad resource management of the drinkable water and the low conscious of the population about the need to preserve it are numerous. In order to improve the system of the water management it’s necessary to increase the ecological conscious of the population.

The idea of the project comes from the fact that it’s best to start raising awareness from the youngest generations and dedicate during schooling more attention to this topic. In accordance to that in the first part of the project it is foreseen a collaboration with elementary schools through organizing trainings for teachers, who would receive educational and promotional materials and put more attention in their classes to the topic of saving the environment and preserve the waters, which would be done as a part of the existing curricula.

Another part of the project is linked to the ecology, but is directed to strengthening civil activism and volunteerism among young people, all with the goal of increasing ecological conscious and creating the basis for the local initiatives on this field.

Within the project it is foreseen a contest for schools with the subject of preserving waters in Serbia.

Disaster risk reduction workshop

On 9th and 10th of February Caritas Serbia has organized a workshop about disaster risk reduction, on which were present around 40 representatives of Caritas organizations, from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Netherlands, Romania, Austria, Spain, Germany, as also a representative of Caritas Europa. Other than the representatives of Caritas on this workshop were present also the representatives of Catholic Relief Services from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


On the very beginning the Director of Caritas Serbia, Rev. Vladislav Varga, gave his opening speech to the participants, pointing out that our role, in a christian sense, is to rule the earth and everything that surrounds us, which we can also do by preventing natural disasters. He also quoted a eastern wisdom which says that the world would be different if every little man could do something good for the community, which is why it’s important that more people feel the responsibility for the environmental protection.

DSC00014 (1024x482)

After the introductory presentation the participant had a chance to get to know experiences of Caritas in helping the people from the flooded areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. The work of Caritas Croatia was presented by Rev. Ivica Rebic, Director of the Caritas of the Djakovo-Osijek Archdiocese, the work of Caritas of the Bishops Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina was presented by the National coordinator Dijana Muzicka, while the work of Caritas Serbia was presented by the Director of Caritas of the Belgrade Archdiocese Miloje Veljic and the Director of Caritas Srem Rev. Jozo Duspara. The experiences from the field show that in the past few months, especially in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, Caritas has gained an image of an organization working directly with the beneficiaries, respecting the dignity of every person and it’s overall needs.


During this workshop the participants had a chance to talk in groups about what could be done on the field of disaster risk reduction in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. They also had a chance to speak about the regional projects, considering the fact that the last years experiences have shown that a great number of floods have striked the border parts of the countries in the region, around the big rivers. Other than the floods, as eventual risks in this region it have been individuated: earthquakes, landslides, forest fires, hailstorms and great amounts of snow. Many groups have pointed out that it’s important to influence the local authorities, so they could clean the river beds regularly and build dykes in the critical areas. Other than the work with the local authorities the participants have pointed out that it’s important to work on the education of the members of the local communities, so they wouldn’t pollute rivers and canals by throwing the garbage and so they could be prepared for eventual risky situations. This training should be organized starting from the youngest members of the communities and young volunteers, because the experience show that they have most enthusiasm for learning new things. The representatives of Caritas pointed out that it’s important to renew or create Caritas national an regional action plans in urgent situations, have a mobile team ready in cases of natural disasters and find people who could animate local communities to think of a strategy of disaster risk reduction actions.




“Giving is a joy“ Collaboration of Caritas Subotica and Pannon television

At the end of 2014 the editors of Pannon television expressed a desire to make a reportage about one family in need, which was identified by Caritas Subotica. After broadcasting this reportage a great number of viewers called to give assistance to this family, which surprised positively the editor itself. Considering this good response of the citizens Caritas Subotica and Pannon television started a bigger action called “Giving is a joy“, during which were presented other 12 families before Christmas, which were helped to receive enough means for living, thanks to the donations of the viewers of this television.

Porodica Temesvari

One example was the family Fleisman, made by a single mother with six children, three minors and three adults, who live in very difficult conditions. They waited for winter with not much wood and almost without food. From Caritas Subotica they received 1,5 cubic meters of wood and a small truck full of heating branches. After Pannon television broadcasted this reportage they received a large amount of food, firewood and children clothes. One daughter who is studing to become a dressmaker received a sewing machine and one of the sons received a soccer ball and payed soccer trainings. The mom was offered a babysitting job.


Another example was the Urfi family, made out of a married couple with 5 daughters, who live in a cold rented appartment, they had no work, no documents, no social assistance. They used to receive only bread and pastry from one local bakery. The day after broadcasting the reportage they received an oven and two stoves, with some heating wood. The father was ofered to work in a greenhouse. The person who is renting the apartment for them helped them register on the adress where they live, so they could have documents and the right to social assistance.

Porodica Urfi

These examples show how little is enough sometimes to start a great solidarity towards the people in need, which can be helped in the best way together.

Poverty reduction actions

Through this programe Caritas has the goal to affect reduction of poverty in Serbia, promote solidarity and care for the people in need, as also to develop a network of volunteers. In the past period the dedication of the volunteers in the parishes through Serbia has lead to different creative initiatives and concrete actions, which lead to helping around 2.000 people in need.


Caritas of Zrenjanin diocese

Within this project 12 parishes of Zrenjanin diocese have regular activities directed to the poverty reduction, while other 4 parishes organize activities a few times a year. These activities are implemented thanks to the dedication of 88 volunteers, present in different parishes through the diocese. Regular activities are usually referred to collecting and distributing clothes and shoes. Some of the parishes organize the actions of collecting money for buying basic supplies for the people in need or collecting donations in kind from the local food producers. During one of the last actions the money which was collected was used for buying heating material, food and diapers for the families in need. Only in the period from 1st July till 31st of December 2014 through these different actions Caritas helped around 725 people.

 IMG_5654 (1024x768)

Caritas of Subotica diocese

In  the last period 12 parishes of Subotica diocese organized poverty reduction actions, as collecting and distributing food and hygiene products, clothes, shoes, children equipment or actions of selling cakes, greeting cards and cds with Christmas music and the money earned from these actions was used for helping the people in need. The parishes of Subotica diocese also  organized inter-generational gatherings, as a common visit of the young and the elderly to the zoo. All these activities have been implemented thanks to the network of around 80 volunteers.

Other than the activities of the parishes Caritas Subotica office has also organized poverty reduction actions, as preparing and distributing packages to the poor children, in collaboration with the local Municipal authorities, NGOs and private donors or collecting clothes and hygiene items in the Secondary school of Economics in Subotica, which was later distributed to the people in need.

During the winter days Caritas Subotica has provided a place which was used as a shelter for the homeless and the people who couldn’t pay for heating in their houses, so they could stay in this shelter during the cold days. This activity has been implemented in the cooperation with the emergency headquarters of the local municipality and the center for social work.

Caritas Subotica implemented another action of solidarity in the cooperation with “Pannon“ television, called “Giving is a joy“. This television channel has presented a situation of one family in need, which was registered by Caritas, after which the viewers could call and provide donations for this family. Since a great number of viewers answered to this call, other 12 families were presented on this television program before Christmas, which were helped to have enough means for getting through the winter period, while two parents even got job proposals thanks to this program. Through these different actions Caritas of Subotica Diocese helped over 720 people in the period from 1st of July till 31st of December.

IMG_5634 (1024x768)

Caritas of the Apostolic Exarchate

Caritas of the Apostolic Exarchate has 65 active volunteers and the biggest percentage of active parishes. In the last period 8 out of 15 parishes organized poverty reduction actions. A special attention was dedicated to the care for the elderly, through inter-generational gatherings and visits to the homes and the hospitals where people who have difficulty of moving are placed. Other activities have been directed to helping in the medication, so in the cooperation with the Evangelical church one parish provided orthopedic equipment and hospital beds for the people in need, while another one organized a small fund for the purchase of medicine for the people who don’t have enough funds to buy them on their own. The volunteers from different parishes of the Apostolic Exarchate were active in collecting means for buying food and heating materials for families in need, collecting aid for a family who’s house was damaged in a fire, distribution of packages for sick and socially vulnerable children, as also in organizing an activity for children with special needs.

 Paketici sv.Nikola

Caritas Srem

Caritas of the Srem diocese has over 90 active volunteers, who organized different poverty reduction actions in 9 parishes in the past period. The actions of the volunteers have been directed to the care for the elderly people, with regular visits: helping them in every day activities, organizing the transport to their medical visits or visits to the Church. The volunteers have also been active in collecting money for buying basic supplies and heating material for the people in need, as also in preparing and distributing gifts to the children in the state of social need.

IMG_8477 (1024x768)

Caritas of Belgrade Archdiocese

Within this project Caritas of Belgrade Archdiocese has 5 active parishes. During December it has been organized an action of collecting money for helping the people in need, who were registered by every parish community. Young volunteers from one parish have organised an action of selling Advent wreaths and the money earned from this was used for helping the people in state of social need. During Christmas holidays two parishes have organized festive meals for the homeless and the people in state of social need. Considering the fact that Caritas of Belgrade Archdiocese was very active in providing assistance to the people from the flooded areas, the parish Caritas from this diocese have also organized actions of collecting aid for the people from the flooded areas.


Study visit to Serbia within the project Societies

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Within the project SOCIETIES a study visit was organized from 11 to 13 March, aiming to exchange experiences and examples of good practice in the field of social inclusion between civil society organizations (CSOs)participating in the project. Representatives of 15 CSOs from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo, together…

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Recognition of Caritas Serbia work on disaster risk reduction

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Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina and Caritas Serbia recently received recognition for their exceptional work in disaster risk reduction. On March 1stthey were awarded by the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina for supporting disaster risk reduction in their respective countries and co-operating across borders. Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina’s main contribution was…

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English language classes for refugees in Bujanovac

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Caritas psycho-social support team from Bujanovac Reception Center organises lessons of English language for refugees and migrants, every day, from Monday to Friday. The participants are divided into three groups, in relation to their previous knowledge. They attend classes regularly, with the goal to master the language better. The members…

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