Caritas sewing and tailoring workshop at the Principovac Reception Center

For refugees and migrants who want to sew new clothes or fix old ones in Principovac reception center Caritas opened a sewing and tailoring workshop.The workshop is mostly visited by women residing in this center, who like to sew linen sheets and curtains for doors and windows, as well as dresses and t-shirts from materials provided by Caritas every month. Refugee women are mostly sewing together and helping one another. Men also proved to be skillful in sewing and tailoring and they are always trying to teach each other through work. Those who are not so skilled usually come to the workshop to seek for help, especially for repairing their clothes, bags and backpacks. In addition to sewing within this workshop, there is also a workshop of knitting and crocheting, where until now special skills have been shown by young girls who are staying at this reception center.