Serbian and English lessons for the refugees in Belgrade

The group that attends classes of Serbian and English language, organized by Caritas in the Asylum center Krnjaca in Belgrade, finished the first part of the lessons this month. The young men have completed two knowledge test in form of dictates and test questions. The results were very good, considering the short period of learning and knowing the everyday use of the languages. They adopted basic concepts related to the life in the camp, presentations, food, days and months of the year, numbers and some grammar rules, that help them make good sentences. During the classes they discuss about the concepts that have a different meaning in their languages.

Krnjača čas jezika 1

Considering the problems in writing the lecturers put the focus on exercises of writing and pronouncing in form of different games.

In the classroom the young men act like brothers, they take care of each other, they spend quality time in learning and exchanging experiences and they participate in other activities that Caritas organizes.

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These language classes are organized with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Caritas Germany.

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