Caritas organizes Serbian and English lessons for the refugees in Belgrade

In the Asylum center Krnjaca in Belgrade Caritas organizes lessons of Serbian and English for men and adolescent asylum seekers. The classes have begun on the 1st of Octobar and they are taking place every day. The group is composed out of young men from Ghana, Sudan, Burundi and Afghanistan and by the end of the October the refugees from Iran and Pakistan also joined, managing to learn quickly, since they already knew some Russian and Bulgarian. The migrants showed a great interest for this kind of activities, they come regularly, they are hardworking, active and motivated for further progress. They respect time, others and they give support to each other, applauding when someone gives a correct answer.  Considering the difference of languages that the young men speak during the classes they often discuss about the meaning of words and other cultural differences. At the beginning they were saying that the Serbian language is difficult as the Hungarian border, but as the time goes by there seem to be to borders in learning the languages for them.

These language classes are organized with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Caritas Germany.