After graduating from the Faculty of Economics in Niš, Dusan Brankovic from Aleksinac faced the greatest problem the most of young people face, both in Aleksinac and throughout Serbia – looking for a job. Thanks to the YourJob project, this twenty-five-year-old young man was given the opportunity to practice at Grammer. We asked Dusan to share his experiences with the project with us. Here’s what he told us.

– Most employers are looking for experienced workers and there are only a few who are willing to give beginners like me the opportunity to gain this experience. Through social media and word of mouth, I heard about YourJob and got involved in project activities. Soon, my wish to gain work experience at a great company such as the Grammer Company was fulfilled. I currently work in the Procurement department. I strive to be as productive as possible every day. Carrying out the tasks delegated to me by my mentor, I strive to learn as much as possible. I appreciate very much being given this opportunity to gain the necessary experience and I am suree that the knowledge I have acquired will help me much in my career.

I would advise all young people ins Serbia to activate and look for similar projects on time, as this will help them to make the most difficult, initial step and gain the necessary experience.

Due to the state of emergency caused by the Covid_19 pandemic, Dušan’s internship is currently on stand-by. We hope that he will return to his workplace soon and become an expert in his work.