The goal of the YourJob project is to increase the employability of young people through the creation of concrete business opportunities, professional orientation, competence development, career counseling, first work experience and entrepreneurial practice, as well as raising awareness and readiness of employers to hire and hire young people. Economic empowerment of young people with disabilities, as a particularly difficult to employ category of the population, is one of the priority goals of the project.

After graduating from high school, Vanja Šaru from Sutjeska near Sečanj could not find a job for a long time. As she points out, gaining the first work experience is the biggest problem of all young people, and it is especially difficult for people with disabilities to gain the opportunity to express their abilities, especially in villages and small towns. Thanks to the cooperation between the Caritas Zrenjanin Youth Incubator and the “Jovan Dučić” Library from Sečanj, Vanja started performing a six-month, paid internship in this institution. With the professional help and selfless support of the director of the library, Mrs. Dragana Pantović, Vanja will have the opportunity to enter the world of books and gain her first work experience, as well as the knowledge and skills needed to work as a librarian. Vanja is very happy about the opportunity. She expressed great gratitude to Caritas and members of your YourJob team, because she finally got the opportunity to start her career and achieve professionally.

We wish her good luck in the continuation of her career!

Caritas in Serbia continues to fulfill its mission and care for all vulnerable categories of the population, as well as individuals in need.