Đorđe Banjai is a 24-year-old media management student from Zrenjanin, grant winner within YourJob project, who was given the opportunity to start his own business – an education platform through which he will sell video courses and teach people how to run and improve their business online. We talked to Djordje and we are happy to share part of that conversation with you.

Where did you get the idea to start this business? Do you already have some experience in that area?
I already have a lot of experience. I am in digital marketing and online business for almost 6 years. In 2015, I became a content writer for the Soundlovers Music Festival, after which I became a PR of the festival. Since March 2015, I have worked in one marketing agency as a Social Media Advertisier, Online PR and digital marketing consultant / strategist. Also, I am a lecturer at the StartIt Center.  I enjoy sharing and passing on my knowledge. It is a very nice feeling when you know that because of your expertise someones business has been improved or even saved. I feel fulfilled every time I hear that my students or clients have progressed in their business. It inspires me and motivates me to work on myself every day.

 Did BootCamp help you make your dream come true? In what way?

BootCamp helped me connect everything into one whole. I had some open questions, but after BootCamp I definitely understood in which direction my business should go. Boot Camp brought me the “puzzle piece” I was missing.

What did you like most about the Bootcamp program?
The public speaking exercises were extremely useful. The complete training on entrepreneurship was very motivating and I continued to work on my project with even more energy. I will remember BootCamp for its positive energy, usefull and productive lectures and amazing attendees. There were really many future entrepreneurs with good business ideas, which created a very nice working and friendly atmosphere, and made bootcamp really interesting. I gained new friendships and made potential collaborations there. Really amazing group! After 3 days I felt like we had known each other for years. I believe that as many such programs as possible should be organized. Young entrepreneurs and people ready to work should always be given a chance.

How did you feel on Pitch?
Pitch was a great experience! It was challenging to present your complete idea in few minutes before the expert commission, and it was also fun and useful to hear what the other candidates prepared as their final presentation.

Did you believe you would get a grant?
My feelings were divided. Although I was aware of the potential of my business idea, I was afraid that it might not be recognized, having in mind that it is something new in our region.

What was your reaction  when you found out you won a grant?
I was very grateful and happy that I could raise all this to a higher level and that I would be able to develop my business idea. Of course, I celebrated with friends, but only after I signed the contract. Just in case 😊

Did your family and friends believe you would get a grant?
They did! When I told them they were less surprised than I was.

How is your business progressing so far?
The business is moving in a really nice direction. It was hard and confusing when I started to deal with the paperwork, but I succseded to deal with that. Other things are just a routine, because I am doing this job for a long time. The number of clients at consultations is slowly increasing. I have also gained new clients interested in professional counseling and training. I believe that there will be even more clients in the future. I am currently in the phase of final procurement of recording equipment, which I need to create a course. In addition, I have been writing an e-book for some time, which will be the first official product in offer. The website is already ready and the current clients are very satisfied.

What do you have to say to your peers in Serbia?
If you want to do something, you just have to go! We often wait for some ideal conditions and then opportunities pass us by. So, you have to “eat the frog” and take action!