On the fifth day of December, International Volunteer Day is celebrated around the world. People who selflessly donate their work in order to contribute to the well-being of the entire community are the pride of Caritas Serbia. The development of volunteerism, as a concrete form of solidarity and charity, is one of the basic goals of Caritas Serbia. We are especially proud of our youngest volunteers.

We are pleased to introduce you to Marija Tilinek, a nineteen-year-old volunteer of Caritas Nis. For several months now, Marija has been volunteering at the Caritas Listening Center, where she aims to meet the needs of every beneficiary. By her own words, Marija became volunteer because she has a deep need for helping people, but also for gaining new experiences and friendships.

“I meet different people with problems of different kinds. Many of those people are lonely and helpless. Very often it is enough just for someone to really listen to them and offer them sincere kindness. I think everyone in the world deserves it. Together, we try to overcome the obstacles they are facing with, whatever they are, and gradually they begin to see in me a person they can rely on. That’s how friendships are made. “Volunteering promotes partnerships, nurturing a living civil society and peace through social inclusion,” said Marija.

Caritas Serbia is inviting young people to join Marija and become volunteers of Caritas. Happiness is in giving!