One of the YourJob champions who presented herself at the final YourJob conference in Belgrade was Andrijana Mikulovic, our young beneficiary from Aleksinac, a member of the Roma national minority and a fighter for the rights of Roma men and women.  She presented the problems that young Roma men and women face, as well as the potential solutions offered by the YourJob project.

“About 150,000 members of the Roma national minority live in Serbia, which is one of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups of the population.  90% of Roma in Serbia are unemployed and 25% of them  haven’t spend a single day in school. Due to difficult living conditions, the average life expectancy of Roma women in Serbia is 25 years shorter than the average.  The Roma population is accompanied by numerous prejudices that lead to discrimination and their inclusion in society make even harder. Of course, integration in society is best realized through business. Thanks to the YourJob project, many young Roma men and women had the opportunity to be educated and empowered to find work more easily. Some also performed internships, after which they remained to work for those employers.  Each additional acquired knowledge and experience increases the chances for employment, and this project offers just that to young people.  I attended a professional course in writing legal acts.  This course is very important for the development of my legal career, since at the faculty we did not have the opportunity to practically practice writing submissions, lawsuits, judgments and other acts.  I would like YourJob to be able to expand to the whole of Serbia and for a much larger number of young Roma men and women to join this program, “said Andrijana Mikulović.

Andrijana, we wish you a lot of luck and success in the continuation of your career.