As part of the regional youth empowerment project YourJob, a Round table on Youth Employment – Challenges and Opportunities from the Public, Private and Civil Sector was held on June 29th in the village of Jazak in the municipality of Irig. The round table was organized by Caritas Serbia and Caritas Srem, and was attended by representatives of the Secretariat for Economy and Tourism of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, the National Employment Service of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, local governments and institutions, civil society, national minorities, employers, entrepreneurs and young people from this area.

All participants recognized the exceptional importance, but also the complexity of issues and problems of youth employment for society and agreed that only joint efforts and complementary work of the public, private and civil sectors can achieve an effective solution. Representatives of Caritas Austria, Caritas Serbia and Caritas Srem presented the results achieved so far on the YourJob project and called on all actors in the field of youth employment to network. All participants presented their knowledge and experience in the field of youth employment, with an emphasis on the employment of women and the most vulnerable categories of the population. Those who found themselves in the role of employer or mentor within the YourJob project spoke in a superlatives about our candidates and emphasized their enormous potential. Also, all participants praised the YourJob project, stressed its importance for the Irig and expressed hope that the project will continue and expand.

Caritas continues to work to improve the position of young people, as well as all vulnerable categories.