Number of training programs: Under this Call 1 training session is planned under Module 1 Social management.

Detailed information can be found in the ToR and curricula.

Number of service providers: At least two (2) persons for each specified training – applications in pairs.
Type of contract: For individuals: service contract based on legal regulations.
For legal entities: business cooperation agreement.
Short description of service: Preparation of training methodology based on the developed curriculum, correction of the curriculum as needed, preparation of presentations, exercises and other materials; realization of training according to the agreed schedule, writing report.
Location: Training will be implemented in Serbia in May 2023.
Estimated budget: The total amount that project SOCIETIES 2 has available for this activity is 220,00 Euro per day per person. Each training is composed by 3 days = 660,00 Euro per persons; 2 persons = 1.320,00 per training, gross amount.
General conditions: Candidates should have relevant experience and references in the preparation of similar programs, relevant knowledge of the topics for which the training is planned (acquired during the studies or in separate trainings). Preference will be given to candidates with previous experience in working with organizations of people with disabilities.



All interested candidates should send their applications to the email address: jelena.ankic@caritas.rs no later than 18/04/2021
The application should contain:

  • Application form
  • Candidate’s CV in English, which clearly indicates experience, references in performing similar tasks and knowledge of the required topic. Legal entities should also submit the CV of the person (s) who will work on the training implementation.
  • Implementation plan for at least two training units, chosen by the applicant (maximum 2 pages) in English.

Candidates wishing to apply for this call are required to download the application form, ToR and curriculum from the website of the SOCIETIES project (https://projectsocieties.org) or www.caritas.rs.

Applications received after the deadline and incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application form


Curricula Modul 1 – Social management