Emergency projects

Caritas Serbia began its operations through providing humanitarian aid in situations of crisis: during the time of embargo and conflicts on the territory of former Yugoslavia, it helped refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, internally displaced persons from Kosovo, as well as the local population in need. It is estimated that over 2 million people have been assisted in different ways by the year 2000. Apart from individual beneficiaries, the aid was also provided to many social and health institutions, over 250 of them.

However, even in the years to follow, Caritas has carried out emergency activities in the event of floods, landslides and other disasters. Thus, in 2005 and 2006, an aid program was implemented for assisting the flooded area in and around Jaša Tomić, in the northeast of Serbia. In May 2014, Caritas initiated a major emergency action to help people affected by the floods and landslides in Serbia. The flood relief included several stages and lasted over a year. In September 2015, Caritas launched an urgent project to help refugees from the Middle East who have been passing through Serbia on their way to EU countries. This project is still ongoing and is reflected in the distribution of warm meals, hygiene items, laundry services, and in providing psycho-social assistance.


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Call for External evaluators


Caritas Serbia, leading partner of SOCIETIES project, is looking for an External Evaluator with expertise in European project focusing on social inclusion of people in vulnerable situation. The selected organisation or person will assume the [...]