Building Caritas – Reducing Poverty

Within the program Building Caritas – Reducing Poverty, Caritas Serbia carries out activities aimed at developing a volunteer network and helping socially vulnerable groups. Caritas in Serbia operates at the national, diocesan and parish level. Parish Caritas are not sufficiently developed in Serbia, and the accent within this program is precisely on their development.

Bearing this idea in mind, numerous activities have been organized each year. Caritas Serbia organizes awareness campaigns, in which it prepares posters, leaflets and other materials, thus encouraging local Caritas organizations to take specific actions and raise funds for the most vulnerable families and individuals in order to reduce poverty. Campaigns are organized regularly on the occasion of Caritas Sunday, which is celebrated in Serbia on the World Day of the Poor, or on the 33rd Sunday of the liturgical year, as well as during Lent and Advent.

In addition, every year, diocesan and national volunteer meetings are held, as well as a series of trainings, in order to initiate charity actions. These activities are being implemented throughout Serbia, in order to promote the development of the Caritas network on as many locations as possible. Within the program Building Caritas – Reducing Poverty, meetings and exchanges with representatives of Caritas organizations from the region are organized in order to share examples of good practice and disseminate acquired knowledge.


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Call for External evaluators


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