Milica Stanimirov moved from her hometown to Zrenjanin few years ago to study at the Mihailo Pupin Technical Faculty. Although she earned a bachelor’s degree in information technology, she wanted to base her career development on a high school degree – financial technician.

Milica has started to like Zrenjanin and began her search of professional training in accounting and bookkeeping. Thanks to YourJob project, she was given the opportunity to become a specialist in accounting and bookkeeping agency EFi.

EFi Agency Director and Vocational Training Menthor, Silvia Seke Tot, has exeptional business knowledge and experience that she selflessly shares with Milica. After only a month of professional training, Milica has shown significant success in learning and working, and we asked her some questions about her experience with YourJob.

How did you find out about the YourJob project?
I never believed it was possible to find a job in the profession through social networks, but it happened. I saw the post of Caritas Zrenjanin that YourJob project is being implemented in Zrenjanin and that the accounting and bookkeeping agency is looking for a young person who will be trained for independent work.

Milica at her workplace

What do you think your first work experience through YourJob intrnship will give you?
The knowledge gained in practice is much more concrete and useful than the one I gained in school. There we just talked about things I do today in practice. In just one month, I have made a lot of progress and learned a lot. I am becoming more and more confident in my accounting and bookkeeping knowledge.

What does your working day look like?
Every day I come to work with great joy. My mentor and I determine what we will do that day in advance. Currently, the final accounts are actual topic, so the work in this period is more extensive. Each client has their own way of working, which gives me the opportunity to get acquainted with different ways of doing business.

Milica na razgovoru sa savetnicom u Inkubatoru za mlade Caritasa Zrenjanin

Milica  at the Youth Incubator  in Zrenjanin

What are your further career plans?
When I think of a career, I often remember my childhood wishes. I remember, on a student excursion we had a masquerade. I disguised myself as a businesswoman. Today I am becoming what I have always wanted to be. This is definitely my career. I would like to continue working at Efi after internship / professional practice. If I look for a job elsewhere, I will definitely have a great chance after this professional practice. The YourJob project also offers the opportunity to start your own entrepreneurship. I’m thinking about that, too. I would like to have my own agency one day.

What would you tell the young people in Zrenjanin?
Many young people of my generation have waited for work and any work experience for a long time. Unfortunately, there are not many adequate opportunities, but young people have to create them themselves.