As part of the regional project of economic empowerment of young people YourJob, an online Pitch was held on June 30. It was originally planned for this event to take place in Belgrade, in the “M” hotel, but due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the country, it was decided to hold the Pitch via Skype.

Future young entrepreneurs from Ruma, Aleksinac and Zrenjanin, who applied for grants to start their own business, had the opportunity to briefly present their business ideas, as well as answer all the questions of the grant committee. The condition for the competition was participation in the three-day YourJob BootCamp for the development of entrepreneurial skills, which was held in March on Fruška gora. This training was attended by 20 candidates. However, due to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 disease pandemic, most gave up the idea of ​​starting their own business at this time.

We are proud to present to you the eight most persistent and courageous candidates, who submitted their business plans and remained in the race for grants:

Aleksandar Stojiljković from Aleksinac wants to launch a specialized website and mobile application for advertising hunting and fishing equipment, as well as equipment for all nature lovers.

Ilija Randjelovic from Aleksinac wants to be engaged in the production of gin and other alcoholic beverages.

The goal of Kosta Lazicki from Zrenjanin is to open a digital marketing agency.

Marija Ivanov from Zrenjanin plans to open a beauty salon.

Another young woman from Zrenjanin  Milana Borić, wants to open a beauty salon.

Ognjen Stojković, the youngest candidate, wants to continue the family tradition and produce PVC joinery.

Tamara Matić wants to open her creative workshop for engraving and making souvenirs and other decorative items.

Valentina Bozoki from Ruma is striving to open a fashion studio.

The commission will make its decision on awarding grants by July 15. We wish all the candidates good luck in the competition and in the continuation of their careers!