In order to tackle labour market’s challenges, the project provides different opportunities for young people: individual counselling, various training sessions, VET courses, internship, entrepreneurship and even grants for startups.  Furthermore, it remains true to Caritas values and principles with strong interest in young people with disabilities, minorities, gender issue etc.

Although the YourJob project provides young people with a very wide range of opportunities, the survey conducted recently as part of the Mid Time review has shown that its financial benefits are not the most important ones.

As the greatest value of the project, the beneficiaries recognized something else – the work of their guidance counsellors (GCs) Milica Bogdanov, Jovana Stojanovic and Lidia Irga. According to the beneficiaries themselves, it is GCs’ constant availability and commitment to tailor all project activities to their needs and interests that distinguishes YourJob approach. Unlike other similar initiatives and public services, YourJob is not trying to fit its beneficiaries into preset molds, but together with them plan the support that will help them find an employment.

Thanks to the professional, but also extremely dedicated work of the counsellors, YourJob is recognized locally as a project of exceptional importance.