After the end of the state of emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus of YourJob Youth Incubator Zrenjanin was the realization of internships for our beneficiaries. During the quarantine, in addition to numerous online trainings, info sessions and counseling, GC from Zrenjanin, Ms. Milica Bogdanov put a lot of effort in negotiations with employers The realization started as soon as the appropriate conditions were met.

The first MoU was signed with Mr. Igor Kurucev, director of the consulting company SN Consulting. Young Uros Doroskov from Zrenjanin, will have the opportunity to professionally develop himself in 6 months within this company. He will be supported by his mentor Igor, who is looking forward to passing on his knowledge and work experience to Uroš.

Our beneficary Dijana started her internship at the Zrenjanin Center for Education and Counseling “Really Important”. With the great help of her mentor, Mrs. Ljubica Kozina, Diana gets acquainted with the work and work procedures. According to her mentor, Diana is very hardworking and dedicated to her work, she learns quickly and together they have big plans for the development of the Center.

Three young people from the municipality of Secanj were given the opportunity to internship within the YourJob project. On that occasion, on June 18th, a reception was held with the President of the Municipality of Secanj, Mr. Predrag Radjenovic. President Radjenovic praised the participants in the project, which aims to employ young people from the municipality of Secanj, and also congratulated the young people who got the internships. For the next six months, they will perform an internship, which will be financed by the YourJob project in the first five months, while the funds for the sixth month of training will be provided by the municipality of Secanj.  Lazar Mandić, a graduated agricultural engineer, will gain his first work experience in the PRP “Sveti Nikola”, as well as Uzelac Aleksa, who will be engaged  as an administrative technician. Marija Ugrcic will gain her first work experience at the Youth Cultural Center. The young people expressed great gratitude for the opportunity they were given to gain their first work experience.

The last internship in this period was realized on the last day of June. On that day, Strahinja Pajić started his internship at the car service “Racing Team Banč”. Strahinja is a car electrician by profession, and over the next six months he will have the opportunity to get practical skills and knowledges and get qualify for the job. His mentor, Branislav Banč, states that YourJob is a great opportunity for young people to enter the world of work from the world of education.

We wish a lot of success to all our Interns. Best of luck!