In the past period of implementation of YourJob project, 30 internships have been organized for the beneficiaries in Serbia. Recently, three young persons from Irig got the chance to gain their first work experience in their professions.

In October, within the project YourJob, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed in Irig between Caritas Srem and the winery “Mačkov podrum”. Agreement was signed on performing a six-month internship for Andjela Zivanovic on a position of a technologist.
After a month, we wisited Angela at her workplace and spoke to her mentor, Mrs. Ljiljana Jojić, director of winery:
“I can say only the best about the YourJob project. I think that the goal of the project is extremely important for the whole society, but primarily for those young people who have really great support from everyone involved in the project. Anđela is a young and ambitious girl. I believe that the practical knowledge and experience she gains in our winery will be very useful in the further career. On the other hand, she brought new energy and some new ways of thinking into our team. I hope that this project will be recognized all over the country and that it will grow over time in order to provide the opportunity to help as many young people as possible. We will continue to provide assistance and support”, said Mrs. Jojic.

Another lady technologist from Irig got the opportunity to improve her knowledge as part of the YourJob project. Over the six months, our beneficiary Ljiljana Kelember will work as a production technologist at Grund doo, a company that manufactures environmental disinfectants based on hydrogen peroxide and silver.

In recent period, one young man from Irig also started a six-month internship. Our beneficiary Nemanja Marić will be trained in the field of financial management in the Development Center of Vojvodina.
We are proud of all our beneficiaries and wish them a lot of success in their careers.