Have you ever wondered what problems and challenges people with mental disorders face? Do you want to see the world through the eyes of psychiatric users? If your answer is yes, don’t miss the opportunity to watch the forum theatre – Stories from the Soul, an interactive theatrical play based on the experiences of users of psychiatric services, on November 3, at Dorćol Platz. Forum theatre is a specific type of open theatre, which aims to influence current sensitive topics. All participants are active in it: actors and the audience, because together they try to find acceptable solutions to the problems they face.

The creative process of the forum theatre is led by psychologist and artist Vera Erac, and the participants / actors are members of the DUŠA Association. Through this interactive theatrical play, the actors present how society treats people with mental disorders.

The play is held within the regional project SOCIETIES 2, which is realized by Caritas Serbia, and financed by the European Union and is part of a campaign to raise awareness and break the stigma, which Caritas Serbia is conducting together with partner organizations from the Mental Health Movement.

Unlike humans, mental disorder does not discriminate and does not choose gender, age, occupation, level of intelligence or education…

No one is immune! It can happen to anyone!