Children refugees from Presevo sing in the choir during the school celebration

Children refugees from Presevo camp attend the public elementary school “Vuk Karadzic“ in this town. On the 230th anniversary of birth of Vuk Karadzic the school organized a celebration and Caritas participated to the preparation of a part of the program, related to the performance of the children from the camp. Three children refugees were singing in the school choir the national anthem of the Republic of Serbia and the Ode to Vuk Karadzic, while the others prepared recitals about this great person of Serbian history, helped by the Caritas staff members. The show was followed by their parents, together with the representatives of NGOs present in the camp and a great number of people, who filled the school hall. The performance of children refugees was accompanied by the biggest applause of all those who recognized the effort and the will that these little ones invested in the preparation of this part of the program, in order to give their contribution to the celebration of the school, which they already feel as their own.


Every day after school Caritas psycho-support team continues helping the children in the Refugee center Presevo to learn and write their homework. The work of  the Caritas psycho-social support teams in Serbia is funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Caritas Germany.